From the recording New Light

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Copyright 2022 - Tim Bertulli

Drivin' on to find my way
To keep it in my sight
Settin' on out to find my day
I can get it all so right

Back in the day I'd see my way
In fightin' my own fight
Had my say and end of the day
I could make it home at night

And once you're gone from Avalon
For something you can't see
Ta findin' a way to where ya wanna be

And if wanna be back there
Gonna take me a little while
To live in the past'll never last
I been walkin' my own mile

And havin' a say in writin' the day
It's been something I been waitin' to see
An open road can find a way
Ta make it what ya wanna be


And I can't ever see the day
And I can't ever find a way

Lead Break

Ta findin' a way ta where ya wanna be ( 2X )
I just can't see