1. New Light

From the recording New Light

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Copyright 2022 - Tim Bertulli

Been watchin' the road roll by, then see it fall away
Shakin' out a way to keep them dogs at bay
Steppin' out on the edge where nothin' comes for free
And lookin' back along the way; Was it really ever me?

Tryin' hard ta see the night as it's driftin' by today
While time keeps tickin' along the way; Try ta hear what it'll say

Chorus I
And headin' on without it ta start a brand new day
Tryin' hard ta see without another way
Out on my way ta findin' my new light
....Ta get it right.....

Lead Break

Chorus II
And headin' on without it; Won't weigh me down today
Won't make me wanna stay ta see another night
On my way ta findin' my new light
Don't make you wanna be
On my way ta findin' my new light
Ta see you tonight