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Copyright 2021 - Tim Bertulli

Walkin' the dog and seein' a way; Makin' it all seem light
Gettin' it up; Gettin' it down; And keepin' it left and right
Fallin' on deaf ears and preachin' away; Maybe one day they'll see
Been holdin' my breath and waitin' on time before they bury me

Doin' the best that I can so to say; Hopin' one day ta see
Pullin' my head up outta my hands and gettin' to the place to be
And what we do is what we say no matter if intent is right
Spendin' my time and clearin' my way, and burnin' my own daylight

Don't let it stop the way ta see
Don't let it stop the light
Don't let it stop the being free
The wrong from right

Gone away x2

Lead Break

Chorus x2
Make it right