1. Think About Me

From the recording Midlife Crisis - Volume II

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Copyright 2021 - Tim Bertulli

I don't wanna fight it baby; And I don't wanna go
I don't wanna light it lately; And I don't wanna know
Can't sit here without ya; Can't sit here and see
Find out what's it's maybe; Find out where ta be

Chorus I
Tried ta think about it lately; Lookin' back just ta see
Time to leave the long road; Time ta let it be
Think about me

And walkin' down that long road lately don't leave me ta see
The time's that's been missin'; The time that was free
No time left ta fight it maybe; Standin' out in the rain
It's time ta re-write it baby; Time ta catch my own train

Chorus II
Take some time for myself maybe; Take some time to see
See the man in the mirror; Ask him if it's me
Tried ta think about it lately looking back just to see
Time to leave the long road; Time ta let it be
Time ta think about me

Time says to make it all the way
Make it all about me
Time says ta take it all the day
Make it all for free

Lead Break

Chorus II
Ya think about me
Think about me