1. See The Light

From the recording Midlife Crisis - Volume II

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Copyright 2021 - Tim Bertulli

I might make it; It's all on me
To focus right is all I see
And turnin' around ta see I can hardly find
No feet on the ground it seems; There's no peace of mind

Chorus I
I can hardly see the light; I can't
Make me see
I can hardly see the light ta be

Too far and distant out on my way today
Resistant along the way
Happy trails ta find; I can only be
No lookin' back in time as far as I can see

Chorus II
I can't see the light ta try ta
Make me say
I can't see the light day
On the way

If I can try ta see the light
On the way tonight

Lead Break

Chorus III
And I can see the light
All the way
I can see the light of day
And the see the light that's shinin'
In front of me
Ta see the light ta make me be
Make me see in front of me
Ya just where ta be