From the recording Midlife Crisis - Volume II

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Copyright 2021 - Tim Bertulli

Time keeps tickin' on today; Tickin' on it's merry way
Won't ever see the finish line
And long ago I aimed ta see where ta go and where ta be
Threw most away and kept what's mine

Time ta save what's left today
Save what's left tonight
We'll set out on our way
Help to make it through the night

Turnin' over what we find; Turnin' back to another time
Turnin' color ta black and white
Seems we lost what's meant ta be; Just leave alone what can't see
Just cuz it's loud don't make it right


Save what's left today
Save what's left tonight
Don't make it wrong
Make it right

Lead Break

Let's save what's left today
Let's save what's left tonight
Let's set out on our way
And save what's leave tonight