From the recording Midlife Crisis - Volume II

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Copyright 2021 - Tim Bertulli

Why would ya call the day
Walkin' along tryin' ta make it your way
Ta fall in it; Make you see
Figuring out if it's all about me
There it goes all the way
Figure it out; Time ta have your own say
You're all in it; Wanna be
Walkin' along just to testify free

Chorus I
Get things right; See it all the day
Make it right; See it all the way

And why would ya leave me be
Ain't no reason to forget about me
There it goes down the line
Breakin' my heart and wastin' my time
And why would ya walk away
Must be bad enough ta hear what I say
Take it all; Gonna see
Make'em all forget about me; Well then.....

Chorus II
Make it right; It's plain for all ta see
Make ya see; I can try ta make'em all forget about me
Get things right; Try ta take it all the way tonight
My reason ta be; I can make'em all forget about me

And all the way
All the way tonight

Lead Break

Chorus II