1. Outta Time

From the recording Midlife Crisis - Volume I

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Copyright 2020 - Tim Bertulli

Why leave it all, why leave it all behind?
Ta try ta see what you can find
Been bookin' time so long; Just a clock that needs to wind
Just another crooked line

My, my I say just ta stand behind the line
Seems to leave me outta time

Time ta pack them bags; Time ta make up my own mind
No need ta bring it all along
If I never knew what I had was true guess that leaves me outta time
Hard ta tell the right from wrong


Time's waitin' all the way x2

Lead Break

Outta time
I'm outta time
I'm outta time
Won't stand in line
Not what I'll find
I'm outta time
I'm outta time
.......tick tock.......