1. Operator

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Copyright 2020 - Tim Bertulli

Well c'mon Operator just gimme some life on the line
Well c'mon Operator just waitin' ta give me a sign
I been dyin' ta see her; Been waitin' here on my day
Let's make that connection; Gotta hear what she has to say

Tryin' ta make it through without ya
Tryin' ta make it through my day
Tryin' hard not ta think about ya
Tryin' ta make it on my way

Well c'mon Operator gimme my baby on time
Well c'mon Operator I'm callin' you on my dime
Cuz my time is standin' still today; Can't go on until I know
If she'll talk to me; Wanna take her where I go


Tryin' ta find my way without ya
Tryin' ta find my way along
The phone is ringin'; Answer won't ya
Don't ya tell me that I'm wrong

Lead Break

On my way