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Winding Day ( T. Bertulli - 2004 )

It was a night just like any other night
We made them big wheels roll to leave that town behind
Them wasted days; We tried to leave them in the haze
Began another maze; Start to mend them boring ways
Headlights bright into that night to start a winding day

Because the night might help get this thing right
And bury shadows with the winding day
These draggin' days; They seem to contemplate the ways
This latest craze has got us reeling back our ways..from Home

Lead Break

A new morning is shinin' its way along our winding day
A storm warning is windin' its way along

That crazy night, Can't seem to get it from my sight
We let them big wheels roll and left what little in the night
Them crazy days we seemed to leave them in the haze
Began another phase and let it all play
Leave it back there in that dust and start a winding day

Winding My Way through a winding day ( 2X )

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