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Today ( T. Bertulli - 2010 )

Blinded by light, not sure how we should fight today
Pick ourselves up, try to pour a new cup today
Have to sit ourselves down, try to turn it around today
We're happy to have you to lean on here today

We woke up and smiled and held you a while today
Not tryin' to hide what's hidin' inside today
You change what we see; I don't wanna be me today
Let's hope we can try to make it till night today

And you can help us on today
Helpin' us on our particular way
We're learnin' the schemes for your dreams today
You're helpin' us on our way; We can make it today
Let's fly......

Lead Break

And you can wake me up today
You can wake me up today

That outlook transcends all the bows and the bends today
You lighten our way with the words that you say today
The fact that you learn aleves all the concerns today
You lighten up our way for the rest of today

You're helpin' us on our way; We can make it today ( 2X )

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