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Time Flyin' By ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

Turnin' the pages at the sonic speed of life
Windin' my way down to who-knows-where
And lookin' beside me is that my first kiss or my wife
Forgettin' bout those in-betweeners I swear

Chorus I
And time flyin' by like that falling star last night
Been wishin' that I'd see it fall again
Thinkin' bout that wish I'd like or do I try to keep it in sight
Keeps tryin' to show me where I been

Lyin' on that table of life, tryin to rid me the pain the ass
Anesthetist says it'll all be fine
And no use holdin' out; Sittin' and waitin' for the weather to pass
Intoxicated feelings tryin' to walk a straight line

Chorus II
And time flyin' by like that storm that blew in today
Them snowflakes fallin' stead of summer rain
Just when you think you've figured it out; It leaves you wonderin' what your gonna say
Seems its drivin' me insane

Time flyin' by like a warm summer night
Time flyin' by today

Lead Break

Chorus I

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