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So Long Gone ( T. Bertulli - 2004 )

The sun's smilin' down all around us
Can't seem to help get ourselves goin' today
Them Polaroid blockers keep us squintin' away
Been turnin' that corner for some time
Been leaving the past all alone in the dust
Been lucky to find someone we're able to trust

And hold back that water to right where it belongs
And why even bother tryin' to right all them wrongs
Playin' scenes all over in my mind till the new day dawns
And it's so long gone

Been carryin' that torch forever
Still carryin' that flag on a windy day
Ain't no way to rest and watch the others at bay
Been left of centre for so long
It's hard to tell if the right wing's in my way
All tongue-tied and twisted, Outta things to say


And finding that naked day
To follow that naked way

Lead Break


And it's so long gone ( 2X )

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