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Pick Me Up ( T. Bertulli - 1996 )

Barstool nights win the fights these days
Walkin' in my world of strangers; It's all a maze
And the plastic faces in familiar places I see
Just look in the mirror man, It sure ain't me

And pick me up; Don't let me down
It's just another lost night on the town
The time flies by; Just give me one more look in your eyes
Pick me up; Don't let me down

And I see your face in the spaces in between
And what keeps me goin' is this glorified dream
So hang me out; Knock me down; Kick the floor
Hey come on Sunday let's open that door


And take your one night stands; They all fall through my hands
Don't want no part of that scene
I'm countin' the days to sit in that place; It's you I see
And I know you're for me
And one short look in your eyes
It picks me up; It gets me by
And the whole wide world lies before and beyond
Just look me way hun and I'll be gone

Pick me up; Pick me up; Don't let me down
Pick me up; Pick me up; Don't let me down

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