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One Step For Me ( T. Bertulli - 1994 )

Just killing my time down here; Where to go
With so much to learn; How little I know
The miles pass by; The time goes so slow; Oh so slow
On my way, On my way down the road

Been breakin' my back since I learned to crawl
On my hands and my knees I stand then I fall
My problems so big; The world's so small; Oh so small
Seems it's not, Seems it's not my fault at all

One step at a time it's liftin' me; Can't you see
I'm finding out where I want to be; Let me see
Stepped out in the open for all to see
And I know, Oh I know one step for me

Some light at the end I finally see
Been wonderin' if it's them or if it's me
Broke loose from the chains I'm finally free, Oh so free
Now I know, Now I know I can really be me

I'm out from behind the wall that's covering me
Right out in the open for all to see
Two feet on the ground; The wind's in my face; I'm ready it seems
For my ride right into my fantasy

My sun's shining brightly all over me
Away from the clouds I'm finally free
The road's all my own; No traffic to see; None to see
Means I'm free, I'm free, Free to be me


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