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On His Way ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

Not long ago there came a time to move it on to the next in line
And figurin' all along that he felt fine he set out on his way
Arrived in time to see things pass; Them cupboards full; Car full of gas
To stretch a while out on the grass to try to pass the day
Well on his way

That wayward wondering seemed right, So off he goes…On along
On them 10 fingers and 10 toes
No carin' bout what little there’s left behind or what’s left to say…Right or wrong
It’s lookin’ like he’s finally on his way

He staggered home on a moonlight night not really sure what was in his sight
And all the while his mind putting a fight for what he thought was right
That empty house with no lights on; Was his reward for movin’ on;
And all of them close ones well they’re all gone; They’ve drifted outta sight
Into that night

He’s finally on his way
He’s finally got his day

Lead Break
And lyin’ there with his son in tow; Tryin’ to figure where the time did go
And scratchin’ his head, well he don’t know if they should turn back time
Not left alone now to decide; If the road is long or the river’s wide
As long as 3 or 4 are by his side; He knows they’ll make it rhyme
So stand in line

Please don't turn back time...

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