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Not The Weather ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

That raging water surging
Across the bow to stern
Them panicked thoughts start purging
Away the basic thoughts that we thought weíd learned

You slap that limber nightstick
Them shadows call your name
Out on a moonlight night shift
They all start to look, they start to look the same

And lookiní out that window
The sun falls down like rain
And wondering which way the wind blows
I know itís not the weather
Thatís calliní me by name
Itís all the same

That hair-lipped thought keeps dancing
Round and round your head
Canít stop your mind romancing
Translucent thoughts seem to linger, never puttiní it to bed

The sea ebbs in, and back again
The river flows around the bend

And breakiní all those rules
Sure donít make it right
What you donít learn in school
Is what can, what can help you outwait the night

I know itís not the weather
Calliní my name
La La La La La La...

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