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Nightlight ( T. Bertulli - 2004 )

That fog's been risin' high; Been tryin' to see that sky
I wonder if it's blue today
Been tyin' my shoes so tight I can't seem to even write
What's been passin' my time away

Chorus I
And spirallin' down that staircase without them lights on
Ain't no way to see the sights
And brailin' away till all the feeling in my fingers has gone
To findin' my nightlight
It sure seems right...

And sleeping behind that wheel; It ain't no way to deal
With the mounting pressures today
And head-on into that night; And knowing you're in my sight
Has helped me find that way

Chorus II
And barrellin' down that highway without them lights on
Them blacks runnin' into whites
Not stopping to see where the rain has been or where the sun's shone
To findin' my nightlight
It'll be alright...

And racin' away that day
And racin 'away my day.

That bird out on that wire it never seems to tire
Of flyin' round my yard
That nightlight's on today, It'll help to light my way
Not makin' things so hard

And brailin' away my day
Get me on my way
And spirallin' away that day
Get me on my way

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