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My Own Way ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

It’s my way to the bitter end
More so now that things gone round that bend
Counting solely on that one good friend
To let go; Ya let go

And hangin’ on by those thumbnails painted black as the night
Searchin’ for all the answers and guessin’ if they’ll be right
It's time to hold that line and beg them off until I know
Just where I’ll go

And finding ways to make ends meet
To keep ourselves on our own 2 feet
Just dress me up; Gotta walk that beat
For my own, All my own

Chorus II
And draggin’ round by those seatpants; Hangin down to my knees
Wondering when the weather turns t’wards nightfall; Will I sit here and freeze?
Layin’ round there till daylight begging pretty please
And my own way got me here……It’s where I go on my own

Chorus II

On my own…
It's my own way… ( 2X )

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