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Movin' On ( T. Bertulli - 1998 )

This busy old highway goes on forever
Thereís nothiní ahead; I canít see whatís behind
This bogged-down confusion will leave me never
Letís clear up this windshield and see what I find

Tryiní to preserve my reputation
The things I do to waste my time
Thereís only one answer to this equation
Give back their truths; Take back whatís mine

And when I walk away and wonder
Who put me on this lonely ride
My worldís all flashing lights and thunder
But thereís only so many rocks under which I can hide

The gates of heaven have swung wide open
Theyíve taken my friend but I donít mind
The final voice has finally spoken
Itís left the rest of us walking blind

So I packed my bags; Iím moviní on now
My friendís still with me; Heís by my side
And heíll never leave me; Iím moviní on now
And it makes me wonder who really died

And a million starry nights in front of me
Help me forget all those cloudy days
I know itís alright; Itís just what I want to see
Iím still driviní to that same old place; Iím just takiní a different way

So we'll make the best of the situation
Itís the only choice we have left in our hands
Itís time to move to that new location
A different time; A different land ( 2X )

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