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Lost In A Song ( T. Bertulli - 1993 )

'Wheatfield Soul' tried to show me where to go
The ghost of Jimi sure got me there
Then on to my own; J.T. sure paved the road
Stevie and Jude sure showed me to care

And if I didn't know how to show my heart where to go
The pain and the memories would've sure got me there
It hurts not to know just how far that you can go
Take off and land; No boundaries to spare

I travel the miles; In the end I see all the smiles
Makes all of the tediousness seem fair
Lost in a song; Am I right or am I wrong
Sure hope you're ready; Like to see you there

The songs span the feelings that wear at you day by day
I'm sure glad they found me a long time ago
I'm lost in a song; Sure seems that I can't go wrong
Just let my mind wander and leave me alone

Indulge in the feeling when the rights all turn into wrongs
Take care not to let it last too long
Better save some for next time; You can bet that it's not far away
My troubles behind me; I'm lost in a song

Take off and land; No boundaries to spare
No boundaries to spare
Take off and land; No boundaries to spare

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