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Light My Way ( T. Bertulli - 2008 )

Markiní my way along the trail to find my way back to the egg
Been hopin' to find a clue to you
Rekindling what's left of an adolescent heart; Been tryin' ta find some good in this world
A long way along

Chorus I
And heaven found me and heaven found you; And heaven found that middle ground
With too many lefts and not enough rights I've found
Been markin' my way to hallowed ground; Been tailin' it for a long, long time
And windin' that way along to a brand new day
Won't ya light my way

Been outside on a left turn and inside on right; Been tryin' ta straighten out that ride
That beaten path talkin' back to me on my way
Been leanin' for the starboard and fallin' ta aft; Been steadyin' what's left of that sail
Still findin' myself fightin' that westerly gale

Chorus II
Been blinded by the snow and blinded by the light; It's hard to tell white from right
Been blinded by the time while I'm tryin' ta focus them sights

And light my way along ( 2X )

Lead Break

Chorus I
Won't ya light my way on to that brand new day
Won't ya light my way
Light my way

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