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Just Let Me Be ( T. Bertulli - 1993 )

A park bench away from being at home
Oh why am I sittin' here starin' at the phone
Feeling sorry and all alone
Without you
It's time that I get on that bike and ride
Time to see the other side
And go on without you

The pictures and all that stuff I don't see
They never really meant that much to me
I'm asking you please just let me be
And go on without you

Reality's set in it's here and it's now
I'm making it here someway, somehow
Make me stand up; Make me take a bow
And salute me
The bike keeps on ridin'; Don't know where to stop
I've been at the bottom; On my way to the top
And I sure do like what I see

And hey the sun's shinin' in my eyes
We've both seen the end, we've said our goodbyes
The sun's so much brighter to those who aren't blind
Amazing to see who or what we might find

There's a price that is paid for a kick at the can
At least I remember just who I am
And I'll go, I'm goin' on without you

Chorus X2

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