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I'll Be Waitin' For Ya ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

Ya reckon I might see ya before the light of day
I reckon that I'll need ya for the rest of that way
So wave on baby wave them arms to come and get me outta this hole
Been sittin' here so long I'm startin' to sniff around like a mole

And I'll be waitin' for ya
Won't come around until I know
And I'll be pinin' for ya
Sittin' here waitin' by that door

And ten men walkin' down that track won't seem to get as far as they think
Them ten men stalkin' you from the back make ten men lookin' to drink
So tomorrow when I'm with ya and tomorrow's when I'll go
Round every up and down that you'll be able to show


You seem to keep on turnin' me round and round
Not much I seem to do to keep from fallin' down
To follow you and follow you around this town
To keep me from landin' on the ground..With you

So rescue me dear Lucy girl from them demons runnin' my head
Don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep them fed


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