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Hard To Find ( T. Bertulli - 1995 )

Black days; I'm surrounded by haze; I am
Not quite ready to fight
It's days end and the night's rolling in and I'm
Sure tomorrow's in sight
Oh what a night

Black holed sun won't you tell me which that I'm
Waiting so anxiously to find
I'm so scared to see just who it might be that is
Putting me out of my mind
What'll I find

When you see me you always believe me you
Never question my mind
And you know when my heart doesn't show that I'm
Never that hard to find

The time's siezed; It's got me down on my knees; It's got me
Reaching for something I can't find
The head's gone much too far t'wards the sun; It's left me
Burnin' out on the run
Cause I'm the only one

And you know how to tell me you wanna see me
All the time
And you can't help but always believe me
Each time

It's days end; It's time to start all again; It's time to
Leave all the bad thoughts far behind
Now you're here; Won't you show me how dear you can
Make everything seem so fine
Baby, all of the time

Hard to find
I'm Hard to find

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