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Friends ( T. Bertulli - 1993 )

Telephone lines are all it seems sometimes
That keep me to you
Long distance talkin'
Where's all the walkin' gone to?

And if I say I wanna see you
Would you wanna see me too
When I unwind I can't begin to find
All the things that we've been through
The door's still open; It's never closed
All I know is that wherever I go
Till the end we'll still be friends

You have you life and I have mine
People change
Your feelings aren't my feelings
Other peoples dealings we've arranged

And when you're so lonely with nothing to say
And the blues are the only thing you can hum
And if it seems that we've been driftin' so far away
Remember the place that we both started from

There were great expectations
Across all the nations time ago
Our close ones now around us
Have learned how to fill us with gold

We’ll still be friends ( 2X )
My friend

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