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Down To You ( T. Bertulli - 2000 )

Your help's been standiní at the side of the road
All thumbs up but I got my own life in tow; Oh No
My blistered hands are hugginí snug to the wheel
Thank God for traffic now I know how you feel; Alone

Itís been so long since Iíve seen that smile
Itís been so long Iíd better wait a while; For sure
And if the thought ever handicaps me
I hope I look around to see your home

And you wanna see me through
Cuz you know just what to do

Downtrodden lives on a wing and a prayer
And just how long before I see you there; For sure
My beckoned call echoes through the hall
And just how long before you hear them all; Oh no

And when time and space they collide in your face
Backed away and outta the race; It all comes down to you
On a trip down heavenís trail; No more cuffs, man, and no more bail
Face the wind and letíem set sail; It all comes down to you

This world filled with equality schemes
The same world filled up with broken dreams; Ago
Them clever people try to sell me their lives
Them clever people they donít know my disguise; Oh no

It all comes down to you

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