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Don't Wanna See You ( T. Bertulli - 1993 )

Cool, fall breeze is blowin' thru me
Raise my eyes to see what I can see
Off shore winds are blowin' free
Takin' me where I have to be

And I don't wanna see you
And I don't really wanna go
Leavin' me without you is a sure sign
I'll let you know
Let you know

Tunes are turned up way passed nine
Ain't no other way to pass the time
The sun is shinin' I feel fine
Sometime later I'll unwind


And I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't really wanna go
Lakeside ride; Freedom right by my side
When I'm ready I'll let you know

Slide Break

Almost there; I don't seem to care
Leavin' behind the sweetest scent in the air
Somehow it just doesn't seem fair
It's time to unwind, to sit, and to stare

Let you know ( 2X )

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