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Buyin' Time ( T. Bertulli - 2003 )

That waterfall donít run up the hill
Even though you wished it will
That wind donít ever wanna blow the other way
No matter what you or I can say

She says the moneyís already spent
Pickiní quarters out for the rent
And waitiní tables ainít makiní a dent
Still waitiní for something heaven sent

Itís a natural suspect
That buyiní time
Itís leaviní us rustic
That waiting in line

That shirt on his back is already gone
Put it with that sign out there on the lawn
Not much else left that they can pawn
Itís past defining whatís right or wrong

And as she says goodbye to it all
No wondering how much further to fall
No runniní with your back up against that wall

Weíll roll it on along down that road
Gatheriní up the pieces for another heavy load
And on to building our humble abode
Just another day when allís said and told


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