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CD Reviews...

Movin' On Official Biography - ...skillfully combining the sounds of John Hiatt, James Taylor, and Dicky Betts , he creates a sound that is as encompassing as it is simple and honest...

Movin' On CD Review From 'Whisperin' And Hollerin' Webzine (UK) - 9 Stars! - "Imagine what Bruce Springsteen would've sounded like if he had a jones for classic country..."

Movin' On CD Review From 'Shotgun Reviews' Webzine (UK) - 3 Bananas! - "For a Canadian artist, Bertulli is certainly steeped in Americana; this is a rootsy record, full of desert heat and beef jerky grit..."

Movin' On CD Review From 'Review Centre (UK) - 9/10 Rating! - "Canadian artist Tim Bertulli doesn't produce Country music for wimps..."

Movin' On CD Review From 'Ink 19 Webzine ( US ) - "Every track has a point, and they're usually about Bertulli dealing with the realities of life, getting older and movin' on from the past. It's a worthwhile, enlightening experience."

Movin' On CD Review From 'CD Reviews' (US) - This Made The Front Page! - "Bertulli has a big, rough voice that commands attention..."

Movin' On CD Review From 'Alternative Rock Review' ( UK ) - "Bertulli's voice alone is rock-solid; It's built like a steel wall, larger than life and refusing to break no matter how hurtful the situation ..."

Movin' On CD Review From 'Smother Magazine ( US ) - Honest Opinion - "While Movin' On surely feels like a basement recording project it sounds damn good!"


Tim Interview With Alternative Rock Review ( UK ) - "Bertulli is a kindred spirit to country outlaws such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson although there’s a healthy supply of basic rock & roll on his album..."

Tim Interview With The Manila Standard ( Philippines ) - "Making one of the most honest, heartfelt albums around Tim Bertulli does the unthinkable and bucks the old country stereotypes of yodeling cowboys and irritating guitar-twanging..."

Movin' On Radio Airplay...

Song #13 - "Down To You" Was Chosen For Promo

"Movin' On" managed to chart on Commercial US Radio! A huge accomplishment for Tim! Most Indies start on College Radio where almost anything gets played. The fact that Commercial Radio liked this CD was exciting news not all new Artists experience. Check Out The Attached PLAYLIST To see Tim's name right up there with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brooks And Dunn, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Delbert McClinton, and MORE!

"Movin' On" reached FULL rotation on most of these stations which means it was right alongside all the other artists you see on the Attached PLAYLIST.. In the Radio Biz the number of spins a song receives per week is referred to as "Rotation". It is categorized as Low ( 5-9 ), Medium ( 10-19 ) and High ( 20+ ) spins per week.

WHAW 980 AM - Weston, West Virginia ( HIGH Rotation - 40+ spins/week - "...Catching The Listener's Ear"... )
KGFY 105.5 FM - Stillwater, Oklahoma ( Medium Rotation )
KHEN 106.9 FM - Salida, Colorado( Medium Rotation )
KVLG/KBUK AM/FM - La Grange, Texas ( Medium Rotation )
WXAM 1430 AM - Hodgenville, Kentucky ( Medium Rotation - Gone CRAZY over Movin' On )
KAYW 98.1 FM - Grand Junction, Colorado ( Low Rotation )
KBLP 105.1 FM - Lindsay, Oklahoma ( Low Rotation )
KLQL 101.1 FM - Luverne, Minnesota ( Low Rotation )
KSLO 1230 AM - Lafayette, Louisiana ( Low Rotation )
WSEK 97.1 FM - Somerset, Kentucky ( Low Rotation - Recommended For Masters Musician Festival! )
WSNT 99.9 FM - Sandersville, Georgia ( Low Rotation )
WSYD 1300 AM - Mount Airy, North Carolina ( Low Rotation - Very Impressive CD )
WTRB 1570 AM - Ripley, Tennesse ( Low Rotation - Ran CD Giveaway Promo )
WYKM 1250 AM - Rupert, West Virginia ( Low Rotation )
WYTM 105.5 AM - Fayetteville, Tennessee ( Low Rotation )
WZAQ 92.3 FM - Louisa, Kentucky ( Low Rotation - Liked 4 Songs )
KZKS 105.3 FM - Grand Junction, Colorado ( Specialty Play )
WXJB 96.5 FM - Middlesboro, Kentucky ( Specialty Play )

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