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Behind Movin' On...

In deciding to finally record some of my material after so many years, I found that my biggest problem was in deciding which songs to choose. In the end, I just started to pick some of my favourites. After about 15 songs or so, I realized that this wasn't going to take very long. Most of these songs were in my head for quite a while, so I was very familiar with how I wanted them to sound. I also discovered a problem. Some of my ideas were pretty stale, and some didn't fit "the mold" of what I was assembling. I wanted the album idea to reflect where I've come to this point in my life, and try to document some of the observations I've had along the way. So I decided to include a few brand new songs in this collection, which resulted in a cross-section of my past and present. At times this collection borders on introspective, but it also contains observatory experiences as well.

There was a deliberate attempt to provide all of the musicianship myself. Being that everything was in my head, I decided that it'd be much quicker to do this on my own. You find that with others around, it sometimes detracts from what the main objective is....To get the song done. All of these arrangements are very basic for a reason. I wanted to get across the songs in a format that is honest, direct, and replicable in a live environment.

The CD starts out with the recently penned "My Own Way", a reflection of my state of affairs at a time when my profession went down the drain, and my wife and I supported eachother through thick and thin. It also eludes to the fact that I'm not a young man any more, and change is a hard thing to come by when you get set in your ways. "Buyin' Time" also touches on this, with an exaggerated version of what my wife and I experienced during this time.

Having relocated my entire life at one point from East To West, I ran into several situations where you try to pick up right where you left off with friends and family. You soon realize that it took you several years ( in my case 30+ ) to nurture those relationships, and you were trying to lump all these new people/relationships into the same category. That's an unrealistic expectation. "Somewhere Down The Road" generalizes a lot of these incidents I experienced when I came out here. It was almost better to deal with people on a very general level, at a distance, rather than extend a helping hand to try to become everyone's best friend. You can never replace the friends and family you grew up with. "Pick Me Up" and "Down To You" follow the same vein. The former, a little piece of hope you hold from your past to try to forge ahead into the future; and the latter about meeting my wife and finally being able confide and rely on someone like I used to back home, all the while trying to just be who you really are.

The title track "Movin' On" is the cornerstone of the project. Our family lost a very important member in my father, quite suddenly and unexpectedly a few years back. Although it sounds more about him, it is really about me and the rest of our family, and how it changed my outlook on life in particular. It's Country flavour lends to the area in which I now live. "Long, Long Way From Home" was also written around the time that I returned from this ordeal. The almost solo acoustic presentation, as well as the whiny slide guitar give this song the feel it deserves.

"Break It Down" is my indirect attempt at justifying just how fast things can go sour ( professionally speaking ) as I watched my livelyhood just about dry up since 9/11. The "Frampton-esque" rhythm is a tip of the cap to the once curly-maned, pink silk-panted, 70's-roller himself. I don't own a "Talk-Box" ( yet ) but the Wah is a distant second.

The classic relationship observations are well documented in "What About Me" ( written about a friend of mine and what she went through ) and "Friends" ( my take on how I interact with some of my old buddies who I rarely see ).

"Not The Weather" is a ponderance of a very dull, dreary day in my Home Studio. Out of work and expecting our first child, things didn't always seem that rosey. At times like this you have to try to dredge up everything you've been taught to try to get you through things. Especially when you have a new wife and son on board. The title infers that although I was looking out the window at the weather, that's not really what was bugging me. Set against a floating 4/4 Jazz configuration ( you Jazz purists can stop throwing up now ) it's supposed to set a reflective mood.

"Don't Wanna See You" is a happy song. It's a diary entry of a bike ride I had to work one day way back in my Toronto days. The ride was so relaxing along the lakeshore, that I didn't really want to go to work. That's who the "Don't Wanna See You" refers to.

"Mud In My Eye" really makes me laugh. It wasn't really supposed to even be a song. I was goofing around with an online beat box and came up with this old blues configuration I had. The end portion is a little Texas blues rhythm that is my tip of the cap to the Vaughan brothers. Imagine growing up in that house? Set against a Calypso/Carribean beat it moves along rather nicely. Lyrically, it whimsically deals with male dissappointment in all the classic situations.

I just had to include one of the first tunes I ever wrote. "Now That You're Gone" was written in high school ( a couple of haircuts ago ) and is basically my tribute to The Beatles. Yes, that is supposed to be me doing Paul McCartney on the Bass. Set against an adolescent's view of his first love, it still makes me laugh.

The project ends with a lullaby I wrote for my lovely wife after we found out she was pregnant. It was meant to soothe in a time when sleep really wasn't all that easy to come by ( as opposed to now, when sleep doesn't happen a whole lot at all ).

In the end I think I accomplished what I'd set out to do. That is, put together a project outlining the path I've taken to this point. Hence the name "Movin' On".


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