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Growth, loss, distance, and, ultimately, acceptance are, as any sane person would tell you, a natural part of life. For Canadian singer/songwriter Tim Bertulli, this holds true in an almost poetic way, and it is exactly this wide-eyed worldview that shines through on Bertulli’s collection of songs appropriately entitled “Movin’ On”.

Raised in Southern Ontario, Bertulli’s connection with music began early on. Surrounded by a piano playing mother, and two older siblings who passed along a measure of their tastes, music was always a thing to be celebrated.

“The radio was always on,” Bertulli recalls, “Everything from rock and pop to oldies to jazz and blues.” With music being such an integral part of life, it came as little surprise that he picked up the guitar as a hobby in high school. Writing songs for himself over the course of the ensuing years, Bertulli archived the ideas on a tape recorder saving them in a sort of “song-bank” that could always be referred to.

As the ideas accumulated with no defined outlet for them, Bertulli packed up and moved West, trading the big city of Toronto for the sleepy soberness of Calgary, Alberta. Craving change and perspective, the move itself sparked a catalyst within Bertulli, causing him to reevaluate the distances between his prior life and mindset and the present. As the idea of recording his songs in his new home studio began to coalesce, so to did the idea that the inevitable album would have to be more than just a collection of songs, but rather a representative sample that defined Tim Bertulli, both the songwriter and the person, over the previous two decades of his life.

The end result is “Movin’ On”, an accumulation of material from Bertulli’s cache of songs and ideas, a catalog of songs that explore the more universal themes in life in less universal ways.

As the title implies, “Movin’ On” delivers the listener with the feeling that Bertulli is leaving something behind, declaring in a non-direct manner ‘These are the thoughts and feelings that I have had up to this point, here is the documentation of them in the form of this album. Now it is time to continue on towards new endeavors and new thoughts.’ The title track itself, a heartfelt song about coping with the loss of his father in the later 90’s, expresses this idea in as simple and honest a form as any of the tracks on the album, and acts as a perfect umbrella for the other songs.

Musically, Bertulli isn’t afraid to mix things up, skillfully combining the sounds of John Hiatt, James Taylor, and Dicky Betts with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani, he creates a sound that is as encompassing as it is simple and honest. This purposefully stands in stark contrast to today’s popular music, which is anathema to the songwriter.

“The Janets and Britneys of the world are ripping off their tops and shaking their asses, using their bodys to sell records,” Bertulli states with vehemence. “That’s simply not music.”

It is this desire to return songwriting to a time of honesty and meaning that Bertulli craves, and its this same honesty and feeling that permeates the songs on “Movin’ On.” It’s this same mindset that allows Bertulli to be analytical in his lyrical approach and choose to dwell not on the loss and distance of life, but rather on the growth and acceptance in it, to focus on moving beyond not only the past itself, but also many facets of today’s current popular culture.

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