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The Latest CD...

Tim's 5th CD "Out Here In The Middle" has been released and is now available at CD Baby!

The Previous CD's...

Tim's 4th CD "The Rest Of Them Days" scored some good reviews and airplay in the UK!

"Movin On" was promoted Digitally as well as on the Commercial Radio Alt Country ( Alternative Country ) Chart in the US. It was also picked up for Distribution by Broken Records/Mondo Distribution in the Phillipines into Tower Records.

"Winding Day" was promoted Digitally as well as on the Commercial Radio Americana Chart in the US. Although there wasn't an effort to have it reviewed, it did manage to distribute to over 400 stations in the US.

Keep up to date on the Press page. It contains all the details about airplay, reviews, and interviews.

Other Projects...

Of course the Roots Rock gig isn't enough so Tim spends some of his time on his other project "Dyslexic Love". Tim just released the 2nd DL release "Closet Rock" in November of 2010. "Click The Link" to check it out! It is currently being promoted and reviewed in the UK.

Feel free to email Tim right here with any questions or comments.

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