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Official Website Of Singer/Songwriter Tim Bertulli

What do you get when you cross an aging Guitar rocker with a home studio, a vault of original songs, a knack for analytical lyrics, a whole lot of initiative, and time on his hands? Tim Bertulli. Roots Rock musician!

Tim is a Canadian, independant recording artist releasing his own material under his terms. The Genre has been described as Roots Rock, Americana, Adult Contemporary ( AAA ), and Alternative Country ( Alt Country ), among others. It's literally "Too Rock For Country, And Too Country For Rock'n Roll". Check out some of the "press clippings! to see for yourself. Or maybe head to the "Music section of the site to check out some of the mp3 sound clips.

NEWS!!!! - Tim's 5th Solo CD "Out Here In The Middle" has been released! Check out the singles "Be There Today" and "Take It On Tonite"! Available Now At CD Baby! Here's the "Album Bio" making the rounds in the UK!

This follows on the heels of Tim's 4th Solo CD "The Rest Of Them Days" which featured the singles "Make It On" and "Today".

Archived singles from Tim's previous releases are also available. Check out "Light My Way" from Tim's 3rd CD "Songs From The Green Planet", "Winding Day" from the self-titled sophomore release "Winding Day", or "Don't Wanna See You" from Tim's debut release "Movin' On"!

Tim has sold CD's in Japan, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, The Phillipines, The US, and his native Canada. There is a definite interest in his Publishings in Roots Rock circles.

So feel free to explore the site and don't be afraid to contact Tim with any questions. He's more than willing to answer any emails himself! See if your favourite Popster'll do that for ya!

Check Out Tim's Live Videos "RIGHT HERE"!


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